5 Safest Places to Pet A Dog

5 Safest Places to Pet A Dog

Knowing the best places to pet a dog is handy information to know! Knowing the best ways to pet a dog is helpful too. Read through this article to see if you already pet your dog in the right way and the right spots, or to see what you could do differently:

Dog bite prevention is an ongoing cause, especially with more and more dogs living in close quarters with humans. Teaching your child the correct way to pet a dog (soft, slow pets, no patting or fast movements) as well as what places are safest to reach for (after asking of course!) are some of the best way to prevents dog bites. Robin Bennett , CPDT-KA and author of All About Dog Daycare,  helped us come up with 5 places it is okay to pet most dogs – just remember all dogs are different. #1 – Chest Most dogs love […]


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