A True Bulldog Love Story — Watch!

a true bulldog love story

“A True Bulldog Love Story” is a terrific video showcasing what happened when one man had to leave his bulldog behind for a family vacation. He and the bulldog had not ever spent a night apart, which makes what he did so sweet and caring. Watch “A True Bulldog Love Story” here, and then in the comments let us know what you do for your pets while you are away on vacation:

When it comes time for family vacation, sometimes the four-legged family members aren’t always able to tag along. We miss our pets while we are away having fun, thinking about them often while we are apart. We wonder what they do to pass the time, and if we are forced to board them at a kennel this crosses our minds even more. When Igor the Bulldog’s dog dad knew that the family dog wasn’t going on a beach vacation with them, he wanted to plan something extra special. Little Igor had never even spent a single night away from […]


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