ACTHA Begins 8th Year — Read More Here

ACTHA Commences 8th Year

The ACTHA stands for the American Competitive Trail Horse Association. They’re a nonprofit organization, and they just began their 8th year of business. What exactly does the ACTHA do? You can read all about it below!

Fellow Non Profits Get Free Ride Now in their 8th year of business, ACTHA opens the door wide for all fellow nonprofits in the equine industry. Free memberships await those who work full time or assist part time in and for a registered nonprofit equine concern.  “The process is pretty simple” states Andrew McNeill, who heads up customer support at ACTHA. “Any equine nonprofit may call 877-99-ACTHA or write and I issue the appropriate memberships. A full annual membership for full timers and a 30 day complimentary membership for part timers. The head of the nonprofit need only call […]


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