Ask a Dog Trainer: Why Do Some Dogs Guard?

Ask a Dog Trainer: Why Do Some Dogs Guard?

While many of us are aware that some dogs guard, we may not understand why exactly they do it. As an expert dog trainer explains in the article below, dogs mostly guard when they want to protect something valuable. What exactly does that boil down to? On a similar note, without hurting ourselves in the process, how do we deal with a dog whose defenses are up? Read below to find out the best way to handle these guard dog situations effectively!

Resource guarding is one of the most talked about topics by trainers, but many dog owners are still in the dark when it comes to knowing what exactly it is and why dogs do it. In fact, many owners living with a resource guarder do not really understand what that means when it comes to interacting with the dog. So, something happens, dog bites, dog gets put down. The behavior stems from an easy idea: “It’s mine and you can’t have it.” Just like a child on the playground that won’t share her candy, your dog doesn’t want to […]


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