Big Cat Week Videos

For Big Cat Week, Our 6 Favorite Cat Videos

It’s Big Cat Week! In honor of this celebration, National Geographic shared some of their favorite big cat videos. Click through to the link to watch them, and then come back here to tell us which big cat videos were your favorites!

While many of us share our homes with felines of the domestic variety, few of us get a glimpse into the lives of their wild cousins. So in honor of Big Cat Week , which runs through December 5, we combed through National Geographic’s many clips of leopards, cheetahs, lions, and other predators for our favorite footage. ( Learn more about National Geographic’s Big Cats Initiative .) Come along as a Siberian tiger hunts for food in the snowy wilderness, a jaguar attacks a crocodile in Brazil, and a cheetah reaches maximum speed. We can’t neglect our house cats […]


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