Big Great Dane and a Tiny Dog Bed

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Do you have a tiny dog bed in your home? Have you ever imagined what would happen if a bigger dog would try to cram itself into that tiny dog bed? In this funny dog video, watch a Great Dane try as hard as it can to fit into this bed and get comfortable. Does the big guy succeed? Only one way to find out!

Most big dogs are not aware of how big they are! I’ve seen huge dogs who think they’re lapdogs, and even bigger dogs who are scared of small creatures. Now the Great Dane in the video below seem to think that he can fit himself in a tiny dog bed. He made several attempts to try to fit in it. After a few tries, he somehow managed to squeeze himself in! Watch the cute video below! Awwwww…you definitely need a bigger bed, sweetie! The 10 Least Hyper Dog Breeds


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