Breast Cancer Awareness Products for Dogs

15 Breast Cancer Awareness Products for Dogs & Dog Lovers

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and your dog can support the cause and bring awareness very easily! Take a look at the products below to see the options your pet has for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. All the products will greatly support the cause, and your pet will look super cute as well. That is a pretty good deal, huh?

This October, show that even the four-legged members of your family support Breast Cancer Awareness. After all, did you know dogs can get breast cancer too? In fact mammary (breast) cancer is common in unspayed female dogs over the age of 4 (one in four have mammary cancer) but other dogs suffer from it as well ( ). The following products are perfect for passing on awareness of breast cancer in any species. #1 – Pink Ribbon Halloween Costume This is perfect because it can be an awareness statement and your dog’s Halloween costume all in one! It […]


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