Chatty Dog Gets a Kitten Friend, and Is Excited!

kitten friend

This dog is so excited to get a new kitten friend. Don’t believe us? Just listen to “him” tell you himself! Hear his excitement for his new kitten friend by checking out the video below — such a talkative fellow, isn’t he?

Have you ever wished your dog could talk? It’s no secret that most dog owners regularly talk to their dogs…they’re some of our best friends, after all! But imagine a world in which our beloved pups could respond back and keep the conversation going. In the video you’re about to see, one clever dog owner does just that. By using great film editing and sheer creativity, the YouTube personality known as The Talking Cat Guy created a clip featuring a spunky dog named Clyde. In the video, the human narrator is talking to his pup about a recent trip […]


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