Chow Chow Dog Wants to Walk a Kitten!

Chow Chow Dog Attempts To Take Kitten For A Walk & Its The Cutest Ever

Just try not to laugh when this Chow Chow dog attempts to walk his kitten friend. We sympathize with the kitten — some days, you just aren’t up for anything! Still, we give the Chow Chow dog credit for trying! Remember to share this video and this page if you like what you see:

Dogs love to go for walks. The fresh air, the open ground, and lots of interesting things to see and smell! Cats on the other hand, well let’s just say they don’t like walks that much. They don’t like the collar and lead combo too. The Chow Chow in the video below really wants to go outside for a walk. But he wants to bring his buddy with him. The Chow Chow named Ewok, wants to take his “best friend” Faya out for a walk. Because it’s always nice to go for a walk with a friend, right? But […]


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