Confirmed Mountain Lion Sightings Increase

Confirmed mountain lion sightings increase in Missouri, Kansas

As the number of confirmed mountain lion sightings increase in Missouri and Kansas, there are a few tips any of you hikers or walkers need to know in case you see one. While the number of confirmed mountain lion sightings is still relatively low, the number going up rather quickly means you should be on guard and know what to do just in case. Read on to learn what those safety tips are:

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – An unlikely feline is showing up more often in the Show-Me State. "Over the last few years we have seen more mountain lion sightings in Missouri. What this means we are still trying to interpret," said Francis Skalicky, Media Specialist for the Missouri Department of Conservation. Conservation agents say the cats being spotted are likely roamers. Mountain Lions are not native to Missouri, and haven’t been reproducing here. "What we are still looking for evidence of is a breeding population, in other words females and kittens and we haven’t found any confirmed evidence of that yet," […]


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