Cows Rescue Seal Pup Stuck In Mud

seal pup

Here’s a unique take on the traditional animal rescue story. These cows rescued a seal pup stuck in the mud! How did the seal pup get stuck in the mud, and how exactly did the cows save it? The story is below, and remember to share this interesting animal rescue story on Facebook and Twitter so your friends can read it to believe it!

A seal pup stuck in mud in Frampton Marsh, a U.K. nature reserve, was rescued after a birdwatcher said he saw a group of curious cows surrounding it. A birdwatcher at Frampton Marsh Nature Reserve in Lincolnshire, U.K., says he didn’t find any birds through his telescope, but rather, a much more usual scene: about a dozen curious cows surrounding a seal pup stuck in mud. Ian Ellis, 67, told ABC News that he was birdwatching about three weeks ago when he "saw the seal was in distress," so he rang for help at the marshland by the North […]


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