Dalmatian Adopts Abandoned Kittens


When the family who filmed this video brought four abandoned kittens home, they could not have expected their Dalmatian to adopt the kittens and be a surrogate mother to them! Not only is the sight of this Dalmatian mothering the kittens unexpected, but it is very, very sweet and beautiful to see. It’s amazing to see what kind of nurturing instincts have, even towards animals allegedly rumored to be their adversaries!

I’m so touched by this video and I dunno anyone else who wouldn’t be. This Dalmatian named Lady decides to be surrogate mom to 4 kittens who are being fostered by her owner. Look at how sweet and caring she is towards them! I love how she tries to squeeze herself even more towards them just so she can cuddle up to them and make them feel warm and secure. What a loving dog! It’s so funny how popular belief has always maintained that dogs and cats are mortal enemies but I’ve watched a lot of videos which makes […]


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