Dog and Lamb Best Friends

Husky LOVES Playing with Lamb Friend. This Is The Funnest Video You’ll See All Week!

Sometimes our best friends are the most unexpected ones. That looks to be the case with this dog and lamb. They may not be the same species, but they clearly love playing with each other! Watch the two best friends have a great time playing here:

Does your dog have a playmate? Well the Husky in the video below has a lamb for a playmate! The Husky’s name is Hice! Hice has a lamb friend who just loves to play! It’s a one-of-a-kind friendship! Watch the video below and see how these two just love playing with each other! They are both so full of energy! And did you notice how the lamb greets the Husky as soon as he saw him? They’re both so adorable! Awwww…what a beautiful friendship! Play nice, you two!


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