Dog Enjoying His Spa Day

WATCH: It’s Dog Spa Day…Time for a Relaxing Bath!

Ha ha, this dog is clearly enjoying his spa day! Judging by the smile on his face, it’s possible the dog intentionally got dirty just to force his human into giving him a bath. Dogs are smart, and we bet this one is too!

Now, the question is — how can we allget our pets to be this well-behaved and appreciative at bath time? If more of them treated bath time like a spa day, then it’s likely we’d see more videos like this!

How would you like a home spa and a relaxing bath? This dog is enjoying his very own “home spa”! His human is giving him a bath, and by the looks of it, he absolutely loves it. While some dogs really hate bath time, this one definitely doesn’t mind getting bathed, and in fact seems very relaxed! If only it was this easy to give dogs a bath…Look at his face as the human lathers the soap on his fur. Too cute! Looks like that other dog is waiting for his turn..we can’t blame him!


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