Dog Playing With An Otter? Okay!

Dog Playing With An Otter?! You Gotta See This

The only way this video of a dog playing with an otter could be cuter? If the dog and the otter were playing in the water! Even so, this is still a wonderful little video. Check it out:

I’m absolutely stunned and pleasantly surprised with this amazing video. I can’t quite believe that these two can have such a great time playing with one another. They are literally having the best time of their lives! It makes me wonder how long they’ve known each other and if they play together daily. It’s really interesting that a domesticated animal can play so well with one from the wild. Look at how they treat each other! Though there is rough play; a little wrestling, some playful nipping; pinning and running about, they do so gently. I’m really amazed, it’s […]


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