Dog Rescue Video

If You’re Not Crying Happy Tears By The End, I Don’t Know What To Say About Your Soul

What a sad story about this abandoned and abused dog. However, dog rescue volunteers helped give this dog’s story a happy ending. Watch it here — it’s a good reminder to be thankful for our pets this Thanksgiving:

This is the story of Pumpkin. Pumpkin was an abused and abandoned dog trying to survive in the streets of Houston. Pumpkin was in the worst condition. She was standing in the road, and she had chemical burns all over her body. Not only that, she had also been shot by a BB pellet gun. Someone took a photo of her and posted it online with an offensive caption. Luckily, her photo spread on social media and caught the attention of local dog rescue volunteers. Watch the video below and see Pumpkin’s amazing transformation! I’m all cried out…I am […]


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