Dogs Are Living Longer These Days!

living longer

It looks like more and more dogs are living longer these days! However, dog life expectancy is not the same for every dog breed. Check out the link below to see which dog breeds are living longer now, and to learn why this phenomenon is happening:

Gandee Vasan via Getty Images It may be time to throw out the old dog years rule, you know, the one that says multiply a dog’s age by seven to get his "human" age. A 10-year-old dog would be the equivalent of a 70-year-old person under this rule. Just like us, dogs — and cats — are living longer and for many of the same reasons: better medical care, improved diet, and an understanding that couch potatoes with four legs run some of the same health risks as couch potatoes with two. And also just like us, our pets’ […]


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