Dogs Rescued from Becoming Food

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Here’s a rescued dog story that may stun you. This MSN article discusses how a dozen dogs in South Korea were rescued and imported into the United States. Now, families can adopt these dogs and give them a loving home.

As hard to believe as it may sound, these rescued dogs are part of the first group of dogs ever to be imported into the US to be saved from being eaten. While some countries overseas targets feral dogs as food, South Korea is the one country that farms and breeds dogs for food consumption. As many as two million dogs are eaten each year there.

Does the dog meat trade article surprise you? Are you shocked that this is the first time the US has ever intervened? At least we can take comfort in the fact that these rescued dogs are now safe and may have a chance to live in a happy, loving home. 23 out of two million may be a small start, but it’s a start nonetheless.


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