Dogs Should Eat…Crickets?

Your Dog Should Eat Crickets… Yes, Crickets – But It’s Not What You Think

Now that pet treats made from crickets are a thing, should you consider actually feeding them to your dog? One renowned veterinarian thinks so, and here she offers some reasons why you should test out crickets-infused treats for your dog. One big plus in favor of her argument is how nutritious crickets are! Who would have known?

When I first heard about the idea of making pet treats out of crickets, it caught my attention. I had visions of the smelly little creepy crawlers that my parents fished with when I was a girl. But then I remembered the attentiveness my childhood pets always showed to leftover crickets. They seemed to want those bugs, though I never considered actually offering them back then. But now that I am a pet expert, I am always thinking about natural sources of high quality nutrition and novel ways to introduce tasty and healthy snacks to offer my dogs and […]


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