Dogs — Simply the Best Roommates!

Compelling Reasons Why Dogs Make The Best Roommates Ever

There are many words for roommates — most of them not too flattering! However, some roommates are completely awesome no matter what — dogs!

Here is a great little video showing why dogs are the best roommates anyone could ask for. Well, cats may disagree with that statement, so be sure not to show this video to any felines!

Many of us have probably had a roommate or two that we just couldn’t stand to live with much longer. Wasn’t it a major relief when you were finally able to get your own place? Even our families can drive us crazy! But dogs make the best roommates ever. They’re fun, easy, hilarious and even helpful. You can teach your dog to do a variety of things for you and then enjoy the time you have together as well! Never have to worry about fighting over which channel to watch, what to have for dinner or whose turn it […]


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