Eight Dogs and a Mini Horse Race!

When Their 8 Dogs Approached This Mini Horse’s Fence, They Had No Idea This Would Happen

When these eight dogs encountered a mini horse on the other side of the fence, the chase was on! Watch these dogs and the mini horse in the terrific video below. That mini horse gave those dogs quite a workout! Remember, if you enjoy what you see here, please invite your friends to come here and check out the video as well!

How do you exercise your dog? Most of us would go for a simple walk, or sometimes we take them for a run. I think most dogs would prefer to go to the dog park and play around with some of their friends. And there was even that one video showing a new way of exercising dogs–by making them chase after a remote control car ! But the herd of dogs in the video below have their own evening workout. These dogs race and run after a mini horse, and they’re having an awesome time! The mini horse is […]


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