Fennec Fox Reunited with Cat Friend!


The Fennec Fox in the video is so happy to be reunited with his cat friend! His joy is so contagious that we cannot stop watching the video. Watch the little guy get reunited with cat best friend below, and then share it so your friends do not miss out on the adorableness:

A Fennec Fox named Rupert arrived at the International Primate Rescue in Pretoria, South Africa when he was just 4 weeks old. The desert fox was hand-reared there and found companionship with Roxy, the one other Fennec Fox at the IPR. However, there is one other animal at the rescue who is his best friend – a domestic cat named William! Wait until you see his reaction. He is so excited he crouches down wagging his tail like crazy and then rolls onto his belly! William is really happy to see him too! Share this sweet video of interspecies […]


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