Fierce, Furry Fishers Are Expanding Their Range—and Bulk

Fierce, Furry Fishers Are Expanding Their Range—and Bulk

This animal was once pushed out of certain areas of the county. Now they’ve adapted and are reclaiming their territory. Read more about this unique story below:

A photo of a fisher, a type of weasal, in North America. Fishers are returning to places in North America where they haven’t been seen for 200 years. PHOTOGRAPH BY TIM FITZHARRIS, MINDEN PICTURES/CORBIS Jason Bittel They’re fierce. They’re furry. They’re cousins to the weasel. And they could be coming to a suburb near you. According to a new study, fishers are starting to expand their range in places in the northeastern United States where they haven’t lived for some 200 years, including places near people. And their range isn’t the only thing that’s growing: Recent examinations of eastern […]


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