Foot Stall Dog Trick

Advanced Trick: Teach Your Dog A Foot Stall And Impress Your Friends!

Making your dog fetch or sit is an easy dog trick. Try making a foot stall — it’s an advanced dog trick that we bet will impress many of your friends! If you do try this with your dog, then please let us know in the comments how it worked.

Does your dog know every trick in the book? If so then it’s time to impress your friends and challenge your dog with this fun feat! Jessica Bell and her dog Cohen are known on YouTube for their extraordinary tricks, including this one that Jessica calls a “Foot Stall.” Before you start, however, Jessica warns that “ it’s not exactly a trick for novices. There’s risk of injury for both dog and handler and requires quite a bit of strength and trust .” Your dog has to be able to jump accurately (to get on your feet) and balance […]


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