Galápagos Sea Lion Sons

Galápagos Sea Lion Sons Are Mama's Boys

According to this article, Galapagos Sea Lion sons are “mama’s boys.” Does this fact surprise you? Read through this article and let us know if any of the other Galapagos Sea Lion facts surprised you:

Galápagos sea lions hang out on a beach in Galápagos National Park in 2012. Don’t let their hulking mass fool you: Male sea lions are actually mama’s boys. In the first couple of years after birth, sea lion sons seem to be more reliant on their mothers—consuming more milk and sticking closer to home—than sea lion daughters are, according to a study on Galápagos sea lions published in the December issue of the journal Animal Behaviour . The young males venture out to sea on occasion, but their female counterparts dive for their own food much more often. The […]


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