German Shepherd “Protects” The New Baby!

German Shepherd “Protects” The New Baby from This Curious Husky

This German Shepherd is letting his Husky friend know who’s the true “head of the house!” He didn’t want that dog anywhere near the baby, regardless of the dog’s harmless intentions! Watch the sweet gesture below:

Dogs make amazing babysitters. They are warm and loving creatures and they have the instinct to protect and care. But what happens when there are two dogs, and one of them is too curious about the baby? Everyone, meet Ryder, a very protective German Shepherd. Ryder loves the newborn baby Madison, and he has made it his duty to protect Madison from anything at all costs. He watches over Madison, and protects her from anything, even from his Husky buddy. So when the Husky gets too curious about the baby, Ryder makes sure he doesn’t get anywhere near the […]


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