Get Your Dog to Stop Jumping On People

How To Make Your Dog Stop Jumping On People

Getting your dog to stop jumping on people can be much trickier than it sounds. I Heart Dogs has some excellent tips on what you can do. Their article also explains how a dog’s jumping on people is not necessarily a harmless activity. It can actually be quite harmful both to the person and the dog, so please read further to learn what you can do to help curb this habit!

Does your puppy or dog jump “maul” you when you come home? Can you not get through the door without him clobbering you with love and attention? What about when you are holding a piece of food? Does he perform dolphin-like leaps to get that morsel from your hand? Even worse, does he do this when he meets a stranger on the street or a guest in your house? While his intentions may be (mostly) good, this type of jumping isn’t just annoying, it’s dangerous . Dogs that jump on people can cause all sorts of problems: This person […]


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