Golden Retriever Tries to Catch Food

Golden Retriever Adorably Awful At Catching Food

This Golden Retriever looks cute as can be, but as uncoordinated as any dog can be when he tries catching food! Although he is eventually successful at catching something, you will have to watch and see for yourself just what he is able to catch. It is very surprising!

Fritz the Golden Retriever is a sweet fellow, but not the most coordinated dog when it comes to catching food. Chimichangas, doughnuts, steak, strawberries, it doesn’t matter how delicious or big the food, Fritz still has problems getting the food into his mouth and his human compiled “some of the highs and lows of Fritz’s quest to learn how to catch food”. Rest assured, his dad says Fritz doesn’t get to eat the food he’s tossed and he doesn’t practice frequently. “I definitely don’t let him eat all this. I intercept the food and he gets a little. Plus, […]


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