Toddler without Feet Bonds with Puppy

Greeneville toddler with no feet adjusts to life with her new puppy, Lt. Dan

For a toddler born without feet, her mother wanted her to grow up with someone in a similar situation. Enter this puppy born without a paw — Lieutenant Dan! That’s right, the puppy was named after the popular Forrest Gump character!

Discover more about the powerful relationship between the toddler and the puppy in the story below. It really is heartwarming and inspirational:

Please install the latest Adobe Flash Player Plugin to watch this content. GREENEVILLE, TN (WJHL) – It is not unusual to hear of a bond between a person and their dog, but what about a little girl and her puppy? Sapphyre Johnson, a three year-old from Greeneville, Tennessee and her new puppy Lt. Dan are adjusting to life together. Sapphyre or “Sapphy” was born with a congenital disorder, Ectrodactyly, also known as split hand and foot. “I was 7 months pregnant when we found out through an ultrasound visit she was going to have some fingers and toes missing,” […]


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