Guard Dog Battles Pumpkins

Puppy Successfully Defends Family Against The Threat of 4 Ominous Looking Pumpkins

When your home is threatened by pumpkins, then you want a ferocious guard dog to protect your home! Watch the funny dog video, and then let us know if your “guard dog” has ever protected you from some truly odd items:

Three pumpkins are standing suspiciously in the living room! What are these pumpkins doing here? These pumpkins cannot be trusted! These pumpkins are clearly a threat! Well no need to worry! This puppy is here to save the day! This cute little pup is doing everything he can to scare the pumpkins away! With his mighty bark he will scare off the pumpkins! LOL! Watch the adorable video below! Awwww…isn’t he cute? He’s barking with all his might to scare off the suspicious-looking pumpkins! LOL!


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