Hair Stylist Gives His Dog a New ‘Do

What Happens When a Hair Stylist Grooms His Own Dog? Get Ready To Smile Ear To Ear!

This hair stylist decided not to take his dog to a groomer. Instead, he cut his dog’s hair right in his salon!

Click the link below to watch the video. Then, come back here to let us know what you thought of the dog’s new look. Do you think the hair stylist should cut more dog hair in his chair? Do you think your own dog would behave as well during a haircut?

Most dogs are taken to the groomers to get their hair cut. But this fella is not like most dogs. Nope, he gets his haircut at a salon! He sits in the salon chair and a hairstylist cuts his hair for him! No kidding! He even wears a salon cape when the stylist cuts his hair. And he’s such a good doggy too! He doesn’t squirm or move around. He just sitting there like a human and enjoying the service! Isn’t he adorable? What a cool dog!


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