Halloween Celebrity Costumes for Dogs


Halloween is a little over three weeks away, so now is the time to plan yours and your dog’s costumes! If you still have not settled on a fun look for your dog, take a look at the celebrity-inspired costumes at the link below. I don’t know about any of you, but those Mr. T and Madonna costumes would look great on my dogs! Which ones do you think your own dog could rock?

Yep, Halloween is right around the corner. But before you go thinking that Katy Perry ensemble of yours is one for the books…guess again. Your pup might be plotting the best way to give your celebrity costume a run for its money. Just ask the owners of these ten adorable canines emulating their star crush. And please––no autographs. Katy Perry: Who wore the cupcake bikini better––Katy or this blue-tressed pup? Tough call, but our biscuits are on this California Grrrl. (Photo source: Dog Halloween Costume Shop ) 2. Mr. T: We pity the fool who messes with this pug’s […]


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