Heartworm: A Deadly Disease Affecting Dogs


Heartworm is a sometimes fatal disease that can affect any dog, including yours. However, hope is not lost. It is a preventable disease, and you can find out how to protect your dog by reading further:

Heartworm is a serious and often fatal disease that is easily preventable. Do you live in the darker areas on this map? Image source: American Heartworm Society  Regardless of where you live, you should have your dog tested for heartworm and then put on prevention, if the test is negative. Image source: VetDepot.com Dr. Kerri Marshall, chief veterinary officer at  Trupanion , provided the insight below on heartworm in dogs. Is it true you have to have your dog tested before you start heartworm prevention? Why? KM: Yes, prevention can be harmful if given to your pet when they […]


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