Helpful Dog Health Tip

How To Prevent & Detect Urinary Tract Infections in Dogs

A dog health problem that can be easy to prevent or treat quickly if you know what to look for:

Most veterinarians say that, unfortunately, dog owners don’t think about their dog’s urinary tract health until they are at the vet’s office facing a urinary tract infection (UTI). It’s unfortunate because it is actually quite easy to maintain urinary tract health and prevent infections. Urinary Tract Illnesses UTIs are a common illness treated by vets. It is just what it sounds like: an infection inside your dog’s urinary tract. Aside from an infection, poor urinary tract health can lead to kidney or bladders stones, which are very painful. Dr. Diane Levitan, VMD, Peace Love Pets Veterinary Care, PLLC , cautions: […]


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