How to Spot a Dog’s Ear Infection

ear infection

Detecting an ear infection in your dog is not easy! As annoying and terrible as fleas and ticks are, at least you can spot them easily to do something about them. Spotting an ear infection may not be as simple as that, but there are still things you can do to make detection more effortless. Below is a list of ear infection symptoms, including swelling and redness, along with daily methods to help you prevent this affliction!

If your dog is shaking his head, scratching his ears or even the obvious, “ooh that can’t be good”, bad smell coming from his adorable flappy (even pointed) ears is a sign that your dog might have an ear infection . Here’s why you don’t your dog to get an ear infection… First of all, it hurts them. And when I say it hurts – I mean it’s pretty painful. It can also affect their hearing when it gets too bad, which is just plain mean because your pup’s ability to “see” the invisible, well that’s his (or her) […]


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