Inside the World’s Newest Marine Sanctuary

Underwater Pictures Capture Life Inside World's Newest Marine Sanctuary

Here are pictures that take you inside the world’s newest marine sanctuary. This place houses ocean animal species such as tiger sharks and manta rays. Have any of you ever been to a marine sanctuary before?

Photograph by Enric Sala, National Geographic The world’s newest marine sanctuary, announced this week, encompasses 18,000 square miles (over 46,000 square kilometers) of ocean around the central African nation of Gabon. (See " Gabon Announces World’s Newest Underwater Reserve, Rich in Threatened Wildlife .") The area is home to more than 20 species of sharks and rays, including threatened species like great hammerhead sharks, manta rays, whale sharks, and tiger sharks. (Read "Saving Africa’s Eden" in National Geographic magazine.) Its protection had been a major aim of National Geographic’s Pristine Seas project, which conducted a marine survey of parts […]


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