Male Sumatran Rhino to Relocate to Find Mate


A male Sumatran Rhino at the Cincinnati Zoo has to relocate out of the country to find a mate. There are no female Sumatran Rhinos left in the US, and this is one of the last chances to revitalize the species. Below, you can read about how past efforts to find a mate for this lonely guy have failed, and learn more about this new effort to save the species. We truly hope everything works out for these animals!

Harapan, an eight-year-old male Sumatran rhino, was born at the Cincinnati Zoo, but there are no females in the U.S. He’ll be sent to Sumatra to meet Rosa. Photograph by Joel Sartore A couple of years ago, when the Cincinnati Zoo announced that it was going to try to breed two Sumatran rhinos who were brother and sister—Harapan and Suci—the news made international headlines. To many, it brought home just how dire the species’ situation is: Only about a hundred Sumatran rhinos remain in the world. The news grew even more grim in March of 2014, when the female, […]


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