Man Posts This Craigslist Ad — So Funny!

craigslist ad

This man’s girlfriend demanded that he get rid of his beloved Beagle, so he posted this Craigslist ad. If you are needing a good laugh, then you will definitely want to read the Craigslist ad below. Do you think things will turn out well for the Beagle? Read on and then share your best guesses!

People posts ads on Craigslist to re-home their pets all the time, but this particular ad is very different and very much worth reading. The listing entitled “Free to any willing home” is from someone explaining that his girlfriend really dislikes his Beagle, Molly and that she is insisting he rehome her, so he posted the following ad on Craigslist: Source: reddit/Getzen Priceless! I hope she finds a nice new home without any dogs and that Molly and her human get their a happily-ever-after. Share this post with your friends and family if you agree that the boyfriend did […]


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