Managing Horses on a Small Farm

small farm

If you have a small farm, then you may be wondering how you can keep horses on tiny acres of land. Since many think horses belong only on larger farms and ranches, then how could a small farm accommodate a horse’s needs?

The article below explains just how well it can work. Read on for the useful tips!

In the past most folks believed that only those with large ranches and farms owned horses. Owners that didn’t have a large space and pasture were usually those that paid to board their horse in a stable. Now however, you can drive down the road and a place with a small acreage is likely to have a horse or two standing out there. Keeping horses on a small acreage is not always done to the best benefit of horse or owner. The key to making this work is management. If done properly managing horses on a small acreage can work […]


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