Manta Rays Night Diving

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Back in September, Manta Rays showed up in record numbers for a night dive in Hawaii. Just how many showed up? 46! Luckily, the record-breaking Manta Rays were filmed in the act that night. You can see the incredible video by following this link.

After watching the video, we figure you’ll want to know a little more about Manta Rays. Manta Rays have flat bodies and eyes on both sides of their head. Some can grow as wide as 23 feet! They swim through water moving their fins in wing-like motions. During the day they prefer shallower water, but at night they move deeper into the water.

Now, we would like to know — would you like to go diving with Manta Rays? Chances are you wouldn’t be able to dive with 46 like the divers in this video, but even a smaller number could be just as exciting!


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