Mittens Help Koalas After Fires

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Following a recent string of bush fires in Australia, the International Fund for Animal Welfare decided to help the koalas threatened by this dangerous situation. Since koalas move rather slowly, many surviving koalas suffered burns on their paws because they couldn’t escape the fires quickly enough. Because of this, the International Fund for Animal Welfare began a campaign to get people to knit mittens for these burned koalas. Not only will the mittens help keep the koalas from suffering more injuries, but they will allow burn creams to work better, faster and more effectively.

Want to get involved and help the burned koalas? This Today Show article has all the information you’ll need, including instructions on how to make these helpful mittens. Anyone can help, not just Australians. If you know how to knit and want to help, then you should for this wonderful cause!


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