Monkey CPR — Could It Be Real?

Was Monkey Actually Trying To Revive Shocked Companion?

Monkey CPR — is this for real? After watching a video of a monkey saving its nearly electrocuted friend, many think it may be possible for monkeys to perform CPR on each other. According to the following National Geographic article, scientists attempt to figure out if monkeys and other animals intentionally try to save their hurt companions. There has not been much research done on the subject of monkey CPR, but maybe more videos like this one could lead to more definitive findings. What do you think — is monkey CPR the real deal? The article makes a compelling case, and we would love to know what you think:

Do monkeys know how to give CPR? That’s the question circulating on the Internet this week, after a video depicting one monkey apparently saving the life of another after an accident at an Indian train station went viral. The footage, posted this week by YouTube user gadhamasti, shows an unconscious monkey that was apparently shocked by wires at a busy train station in the industrial city of Kanpur in northern India. A male companion monkey is then seen apparently trying to revive his comrade. The monkey bites and drags the limp animal and even douses it in water. After […]


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