Oldest Giraffe Dies at Dickerson Park Zoo

Giraffe dies at Dickerson Park Zoo

Sad news for fans of Dickerson Park Zoo giraffes — the oldest giraffe died this week. She was almost three years old. Read on to learn about how the staff at Dickerson Park Zoo is trying to figure out what health conditions contributed to the giraffe’s death.

Pammy J, the oldest of Dickerson Park Zoo’s five juvenile giraffes, died Wednesday morning during a medical procedure. SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Pammy J was born at Dickerson Park Zoo in September 2012. She developed an overgrown hoof related to a previous injury, and zoo staff were preparing to trim her hoof, a routine procedure similar to what is performed on horses. A light dose of anesthesia (“standing sedation”) was administered. Anesthetizing a giraffe is often challenging because of the animal’s unique circulatory system and physical stature. The giraffe collapsed after receiving the light sedation and did not respond to […]


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