On-Leash Socialization for Dogs

The Importance of On-Leash Socialization

On-leash socialization is such an important part of your dog’s training. Think about it — when your dog is out on the sidewalk or even at a dog park, it and other dogs will be leashed most of the time. It is actually less likely that your dog will be around unleashed dogs. This is why proper on-leash socialization is so crucial. This article has some terrific tips that will not only help your dog, but it will also help you know what signs to look for in your dog’s reactions:

When it comes to puppy socialization, the emphasis is always on taking your puppy to a doggy daycare, dog park, or a “play date,” where they learn how to interact with other dogs appropriately during play. Even in puppy class, the only introductions are done off-leash at the end of class during play time. And while off-leash interaction IS important, the reality is that 90 percent of the time your dog will be seeing and/or greeting other dogs while ON leash. As a trainer, I have noticed an increasing number of dogs with on leash reactivity issues and I […]


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