Orphaned Raccoon Thinks She’s a Dog

Orphaned Raccoon Grew Up In A Family With Dogs, Now Thinks She’s One Of Them!

One family adopted an orphaned raccoon. This family already had a dog, so you would not really expect these animals to bond so well. Not only are they great friends, but the raccoon acts so much like a dog that it seems as if she truly thinks she is one! The story of how the family came to adopt such an unusual pet is a good one, and you can read it below. You can also see more pictures of the raccoon and her dog friend. The pictures of them napping and spooning are absolutely fantastic! Which picture is your favorite?

We’ve shared countless stories with you about unlikely animal relationships, but this one is accompanied by some of the most precious photos that you may have ever seen. Raccoons may look almost like tiny forest pandas, even watching the way the walk is adorable, and they simply love to eat–which you may have noticed if you live near a woodsy area and you’ve accidentally left some food out at night… like I do nightly with cat food. But our interactions with them are strictly from a distance, as with any wild animal, we need a safe buffer between us […]


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