Owner of 2 barking dogs in home got ticket while in hospital

Owner of 2 barking dogs in home got ticket while in hospital

If you live in the Springfield area, then you have probably heard the story of Animal Control removing two barking dogs from a home where they’d been left alone. The owner now claims he was in the hospital for several days, and that was why he had left the barking dogs alone.

Regardless of how this story ultimately plays out, the “barking dogs” story can serve as a good reminder to make sure you have someone to check in on your pets if you have to be away for several days. Pets and animals need constant care, and they should be high in your list of priorities once they are in your care.

Abandoned 1231 SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – The owner of two dogs who were removed from a home this week got a Springfield Municipal Court citation for animal cruelty.  Animal Control officers needed the citation in order to get a search warrant for the home so they could remove the dogs and put them in protective custody.  The owner, Warren Roberts, may fight the ticket, however, because he was in the hospital for several days. Animal Control officers went to the home after neighbors complained about the dogs barking all night in the rental home and said they feared the dogs […]


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