Pit Bull Pin-Up Calendar!

Pin-Up Calendar With Rescued Pit Bulls Puts An End To The Cliche Stereotype For Good

Want a calendar with a little more pizzazz and…bark? A nonprofit pit bull rescue group from right here in Missouri has put together a pit bull pin-up calendar! The pin-up calendar is designed to change public perception of pit bulls from mean to cute and cuddly. One of the dogs featured is even a Hurricane Katrina survivor! See the cute and funny pin-up calendar pictures below. Which one is your favorite?

It’s that time of year when you start shopping for your next year’s calendar. Well, no need to shop – we’ve found it! Mutts-n-Stuff is a non-profit pit bull rescue group based in St. Louis, Missouri. Their mission is to rescue pits from open admission shelters and find them loving homes. They were also the first group in St. Louis to start working with victims of dog fighting back in 2000, when the group began. For 2016, they partnered with talented photographer Lynn Terry (check out her Dogs in Photo Booth series !) to create a pin-up inspired calendar […]


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