Protect Your Dog From The Canine Flu Epidemic

10 Simple Ways To Protect Your Dog Against The Canine Flu Epidemic Happening Now

Right now in Chicago, there is a canine flu epidemic. Although chances are you may not live in or near Chicago, it is still a great idea to know how to protect your dog from any preventable illness like the canine flu epidemic. Read on for ten easy ways you can keep your dog safe and healthy.

Please share with your fellow friends who share a home with a dog, especially if they live in the Chicago area!

With the current canine flu epidemic, knowing how to keep your dog healthy is extremely important. Even if you are not in the Chicago area, it’s good to know these tips – with all the travel people do, the flu could spread further than you think. Why? Because people can carry the germ on their clothes for up to twenty-four hours. has 10 tips to keep your dog from coming down with this nasty bug. #1 –  Keep them away from other dogs Since dogs are the only animals that carry canine influenza, the most effective measure you […]


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