Pug in a Ball Pit

Pug + Ball Pit = Pure Joy (And Lots Of Smiles For Anyone Watching)

When you place a young pug in a ball pit, you know you are going to see one happy dog! I would even go so far as to say this pug is more active in the ball pit than most children!

Of course, as with with any burst of energy, the comedown is not far behind. The pug looks worn out after several seconds! Would you create a play pen like this for the pets in your home?

Meet Grover, the rambunctious pug who goes absolutely nuts during his first ball pit experience. Not all pups embrace new toys right away, but this curious cutie jumps right in, literally! Grover’s fun is contagious (not to mention adorable), and proves that it doesn’t matter if you’re a human child, a grown up, or a four-legged friend…this is one novelty that just about everyone gets excited about. Next time you need a happiness boost, just channel Grover… Related Posts 11 T-Shirts Only Serious Dog Lovers Would Wear! This Dog Has A Funny & Unusual Way Of Welcoming His Humans […]


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