Puppies Reenacting Classic Disney Movies

Elsa, Ariel, and Pooh – Oh My! Pups Reenact Disney Classics

Disney movies? Cute. Puppies? Cute, too. Puppies reenacting classic Disney movies? Too cute! From The Little Mermaid and Aladdin to Tangled and Frozen –with even Pirates of the Caribbean thrown in– these puppies do an excellent job of tackling some memorable Disney movies!

Watch below, and then come back here to tell us which Disney reenactment made you laugh the most!

What’s better than puppies wearing costumes? Puppies wearing costumes IN SLOW MOTION! Trust us, this is adorable and you’re totally going to thank us later. These sweet little pups are “reenacting” some Disney classics! Our favorite? We’re kind of in love with “Ariel” and her fierce hair-whip! (It’s A MUST-SEE at 25 seconds) Ohhh my gosh. Did you see Olaf smooching Elsa?! ♥ My heart melted! Be sure to share this with all of your Disney-and-dog-loving friends! This is too good to pass up!


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